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As vaping has grown in popularity over the years, its presence in popular culture, particularly in cinema, has also seen a notable increase. Films often serve as a reflection of societal trends and attitudes, and the inclusion of vaping scenes in movies is no exception. This exploration into iconic refillable vape pen nscenes in cinema not only highlights the evolution of vaping in media but also its impact on public perception.

Vaping as a Modern Cultural Element

Initially, vaping was portrayed in films as a novel or futuristic technology, often used to signify a characterโ€™s tech-savvy nature or to enhance a futuristic setting. As vaping became more mainstream, its portrayal shifted to more everyday contexts, reflecting its growing acceptance and prevalence in society.

Iconic refillable vape penScenes in Cinema

  1. “The Tourist” (2010) – One of the earlier films to feature vaping, where Johnny Deppโ€™s character is seen using a refillable vape penpen. This scene is pivotal as it introduced many viewers to vaping at a time when it was still relatively unknown to the broader public.
  2. “Beneath the Harvest Sky” (2013) – This indie film showcases characters vaping, highlighting it as a part of youth culture and daily life, which was a relatively new portrayal at the time.
  3. “Drive Hard” (2014) – John Cusackโ€™s character prominently uses a refillable vape penpen, which is featured throughout the film. His characterโ€™s use of the refillable vape penpen played into his laid-back, rogue antihero persona, using vaping as a character development tool.
  4. “A Billion Lives” (2016) – While technically a documentary, this film plays a significant role in cinematic portrayals of vaping by delving into the global impact of vaping, controversies, and the battles within regulatory frameworks. Itโ€™s a critical examination of vapingโ€™s role in society rather than a plot device.

Analysis of Vaping in Film

  • Character Development: Directors and writers sometimes use vaping as a tool to add layers to a character’s personality or background. A character who vapes might be portrayed as modern, rebellious, or health-conscious, depending on the context.
  • Setting and Mood: In some films, vaping is used to enhance the setting, contributing to the atmosphere of a scene. It can be used to signify modernity or a tech-oriented environment.
  • Societal Reflection: The inclusion of vaping in films reflects broader societal views and debates about vaping, often touching on themes of addiction, public health, and personal freedom.

Impact on Public Perception

The portrayal of vaping in films can influence public perception significantly. Positive portrayals can lend a certain coolness or acceptability to vaping, while negative portrayals can reinforce concerns about its health implications or association with vice behaviors.


As vaping continues to evolve both technologically and culturally, its portrayal in films also changes. Iconic scenes in cinema that feature vaping not only reflect societal attitudes but can also shape them. These portrayals can demystify vaping for some, while for others, they serve as a point of cultural contention. Regardless, the intersection of vaping and cinema will likely continue to be a dynamic narrative space as both industries evolve.

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